Ryan Young User Experience Designer in Des Moines, IA

Select Design Projects

Screens and snippets I have designed from past projects to showcase my skillset as a designer.
Role & Activities Visual/UI Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Illustration, Icon Design Agency Various

Goldfinch DSM

A redesign for a website I’d done for a farm-to-table restaurant downtown that has since closed.

homepage showing a way for users to make a reservation, browse the food menu, and rent a party space website form for submitting a catering request

Electric RV App & Mascot

An app concept that gives eco-friendly RV owners a way to track their electricity usage.

app home screen showing 86 percent battery charge and other battery information a chart screen showing recent battery usage over time a map screen showing a birds eye view of the RV's current location and nearby charging stations
An anthropomorphic RV character in happy, annoyed, tired, and sleepy moods

Red Media

Website landing page concept for Hy-Vee's new media company aimed at helping brands like Pepsi & Frito Lay connect with digital shoppers.

landing page focused on selling advertising opportunities to big, national brands

In-Flight Service Manager

Tablet interface for helping airline crew members manage passanger requests during long flights.

list of passengers and their current availability list of requests passengers have made for flight attendants
an organized list of all recent passenger requests, sorted by type of beverage requested
a screen suggesting the flight attendant should take a break screen showing a flight attendant that no requests have been made

Sidebar Coffee Shop

One-page site redesign for a local coffee shop now under new managament.

menu for coffee shop showing many types of snacks and beverages line icons of various drinkware and coffee-making appliances

FedEx International Shipping

Persona and storyboard illustrations used during the research phase of a project seeking to improve the international shipping experience for small- and medium-sized business owners worldwide.

illustration of a woman checking her laptop for orders illustration of a woman frustrated by what is on her laptop

Daily UI Challenge

Landing page design in anticipation for the final season of Game of Thrones.

a screen with a large blue dragon eye asking for your phone number in order to send you update text messages